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Thnks fr th Mmrs.jpg

thnks fr the mmrs - april 26 - new globe

Adding the long list of artists wanting to tribute the New Globe, join Josh R H Daveta and some of Brisbane’s favourite singers as they spread love to the venue that has housed many performances for each person on the line up. Let’s give this place the big hurrah that it deserves. Don’t worry, this is not a Fall Out Boy tribute show.

Photo: Grace Daveta

Photo: Grace Daveta

COMING SOON - pride house - commonwealth games april 10th 2018.

Stay tuned for this gig announcement!

Photo: Kenn Santos

Photo: Kenn Santos

like mariah (melt festival) may 17-19

The year was 2001, the greatest selling female artist of the 90s had to take time off from “exhaustion” as she was reportedly handing out icy poles to audience members on talk shows and left rambling voice messages on her entourage’s answering machines. In true form she didn’t stay out of the headlines for long and soon kept the Twitterverse active with memes and diva-esque antics.

Join Josh Daveta as he resurrects the career of the 5 octa- sorry, now 2 octave, artist who possesses the record for the longest and second longest running single in Billboard history. The spirit of Mariah Carey’s presence will be made known & manifest within the room!